Korea's fastest-growing SaaS startup, Typed, has partnered with QueryPie to integrate its enterprise-grade security measures to enhance the company's data governance and meet global privacy regulation standards.

Typed is a collaborative documentation tool designed to optimize teamwork by connecting your team's scattered documents and workflows. Focused on an information-rich experience, Typed's knowledge-management features ensure that all files, tasks, references, and URLs are easily collected together and organized automatically while creating content. With its rapid growth and global expansion, Typed needed enhanced security measures to serve enterprise customers worldwide while also ensuring compliance, privacy, and the visibility of its team's data workflow. To do that, the company partnered with QueryPie for its strong data governance framework and security consulting and as a part of its strategy to bolster its security.

Typed CEO Woojin Kim said: "As a two-year-old startup aiming to expand our services in the global market, we needed a security and data governance framework to comply with global regulations and position ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our existing and potential enterprise customers. Typed's collaboration with QueryPie's expert security and data governance team will lay the groundwork for our vision to become the global leader in the next generation of work tools."

Chequer's CISO, Kenny Park, stated: "At QueryPie, we are excited to form this partnership with Typed, who are doing excellent work in streamlining workflows and enhancing not only the Google Workspace experience but collaboration in general. Using our security and data governance framework will allow them to maintain trust with their customers and focus on their product, mission, and vision. Our security and data governance solutions will reshape Typed's security."

About QueryPie

QueryPie (www.querypie.com) is an advanced data governance and service organization control solution developed by CHEQUER that simplifies data access and manages scattered data sources and data protection policies. QueryPie provides visibility and control over cloud applications, data, and users across multiple databases and cloud data platforms, allowing enterprises to gain access to the data they need while maintaining privacy and providing service organization control reports to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities, such as ISMS, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Through centralized user provisioning, data access control, masking, and auditing, QueryPie protects customer account data, credit cards, healthcare information, member points, credit scores, customer contact information, bank account information, and other sensitive data. Our comprehensive privacy and compliance management solutions span multiple cloud services, including AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Snowflake, and Starburst, among others.

About Typed

Typed (typed.do), developed by Business Canvas, is a collaborative documentation tool that optimizes teamwork by connecting your team's scattered documents and workflows. One of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Korea, Typed's core technology is focused on revolutionizing digital knowledge management. The current status quo of information management focuses largely on directory structures, traditionally known as the folder system. By capturing relational data among files and syncing them with user behavior, Typed saves and manages information through a network structure, much like how our brains process information. Typed thus provides an environment where all team members can efficiently reutilize information and streamline collaboration, saving the time and money that people often waste on a daily basis looking for but failing to find the information they need.