As the number of data sources stored in a company grows, it becomes more challenging to manage employees' or users' accounts for each service. Organizations can utilize identity provider services like GSuite and Azure Active Directory to store and manage digital identities. QueryPie supports SAML 2.0 to integrate to existing identity provider systems such as Okta and Onelogin. In this article, we'll examine how QueryPie interacts with Okta during the user authentication process.

1. Configuration Steps on QueryPie

  1. To begin, sign in with your QueryPie Admin account.

2. From the left navigation menu, go to the 'Company Setting'.

3. In the Company Setting > Authentication menu, select Okta as the Authentication Type.

  • Check the Single Sign on URL required for Okta integration. This information is required on the Sign On page at Okta when integrating with QueryPie.

2. Configuration Steps on Okta

  1. Navigate to the Applications menu on the Okta Admin page. (Alternatively, you can add the app here:

2. Click on the 'Add Application' button and search for 'QueryPie'. Add the application. App is now available!

  • Once the app is added, application label is required to synchronize Okta with QueryPie's authentication system.

3. Adding QueryPie users on Okta

  1. Following the registration of QueryPie as an App in Okta, go to the Assignments tab and select Assign to People.
  2. Select the users who will access QueryPie through their Okta accounts and click the Done button.
  3. Review the list of assigned users who have Okta accounts and can access QueryPie.

4. Completing QueryPie integration to Okta

  1. Go to the Sign On tab in the application settings and click the 'Edit' button.
  2. Go to 'Advanced Sign-on Settings' and enter the Base URL (you can find the Base URL on the QueryPie authentication page, e.g. https://QueryPie Service Domain , or you can follow the Okta setup instructions).

3. After entering the Base URL, navigate to the Identity Provider metadata.

4. Copy the XML code that appears in the new tab.

5. Paste the copied XML code into QueryPie (Company Setting > Authentication > Identity Provider Metadata) and click 'Save Changes.'

  • QueryPie <> Okta integration is now complete!
  • You can now log in using your Okta account by clicking the 'Login with Okta' button on the login page.
  • The first time a user logs in through an Okta account, the account is added to Company Users automatically.

Simplified access management on QueryPie

QueryPie and Okta's SAML integration currently support SP-initiated single sign-on (SSO) through the login page of QueryPie. The integration between QueryPie and Okta allows the company's administrator to more efficiently provision users to each data source with the appropriate access level. Find out how QueryPie can be integrated with Okta by requesting a demo now.