QueryPie's integration with OneLogin provides easy user management and access provisioning. Like the previous article on Okta, QueryPie supports SAML for OneLogin. Here is a step-by-step guide for creating applications and enabling user authentication.

1. Configuration Steps on QueryPie

1) In the Company Setting> Authentication menu, select OneLogin as the Authentication Type.

2) Ensure that the Audience (EntityID), Recipient, and ACS (Consumer) URLs are correct for OneLogin integration. OneLogin uses this information when integrating QueryPie.

2. Configuration Steps on OneLogin

1) Login to OneLogin (https://app.onelogin.com/login).

2) Move to Applications tab > Applications menu and click the 'Add App'.

3) In the 'Find Applications' section, search for SAML and select SAML Custom Connector (Advanced). For configuration, enter QueryPie in the Display Name field and click 'Save.'

4) After saving, a new menu appears in the left panel. Select the Configuration tab.

5) Copy and paste the details from the QueryPie Company Setting > Authentication menu.

  • Audience (EntityID) : https://QueryPie Service Domain/saml/sp/metadata
  • Recipient : https://QueryPie Service Domain/saml/sp/acs
  • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator : https://QueryPie Service Domain/saml/sp/acs
  • ACS (Consumer) URL : https://QueryPie Service Domain/saml/sp/acs

6) From the left menu panel, select the Parameters tab. You can integrate QueryPie by adding fields to the Custom Connector (Advanced) field.

  • Enter the word 'email' in the field name and click 'Save.'
  • Set the Value to 'Email' and click 'Save.'
  • Like adding the Email field, register the additional firstName, lastName, and loginId fields as described above and click 'Save.'

3. Adding QueryPie users on OneLogin

1) Once QueryPie is registered as an app in OneLogin, go to the Users tab in the top menu and select the Users tab. Select the users who will have access to QueryPie through their OneLogin account.

2) Select the Application tab on the left side of the Users Information page. In the Applications list, click the + button to add the QueryPie application. By adding QueryPie to the Applications list, other users will access it in the same manner.

4. Completing QueryPie integration to OneLogin

1) Select the QueryPie application from the Applications tab > Applications menu on the top of the screen. Choose 'SAML Metadata' under More Actions in the upper right corner to download the XML file and copy the codes from the XML file.

2) Select OneLogin from the Authentication menu, paste the copied XML code into the appropriate (Identity Provider Metadata) field, and click 'Save Changes'.

  • QueryPie <> OneLogin integration has now been completed!
  • On the login page, you may now login using your OneLogin account.
  • OneLogin accounts are automatically added to the Company Users list when users log in for the first time.

*Optional: Using OneLogin user synchronization on QueryPie

1) In the Developers > API Credentials menu of OneLogin's admin page, click 'New Credential'.

2) Type the credential name and set the privileges for authentication.

3) After clicking 'Save,' a Client ID and Client Secret keys are generated. Copy each credential and paste it into the authentication page of QueryPie.

Simplifying data access management on QueryPie

Utilizing the QueryPie-OneLogin integration, the company's administrator can significantly reduce the time required for provisioning user to each data source with the appropriate access level. To find out more about how QueryPie integrates with OneLogin, request a demo now.