#The Complete Cross-Platform Database IDE for All

The Complete Cross-Platform Database IDE for All! In July 2019, the beta version of QueryPie was officially released. If you’ve been following our development blogs posted over the past six months and been curious about our product, now is the chance to try it out! QueryPie can now officially be downloaded through the official web page here. Experience a new way to work with data using QueryPie’s smooth and pleasing-to-the-eye UI/UX!

The QueryPie Beta version supports various OS environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Current supported DMBSs are MySQL, MariaDB, and AWS Aurora for MySQL.

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[Top 10 Features of QueryPie]

1. Dashboard Connection List ( enter connection information )

  • You can quickly enter and create connection information from the main dashboard. Linked databases are sorted by color, which makes finding and accessing specific databases very easy.

2. Preferences: General / Editor / Shortcut keys / Accounts

  • You can set up your work environment by clicking on the profile picture in the bottom left of the application! Select your preferred language, establish connections, set up fonts for the editor and grid, and view options for shortcuts.

3. Selecting and retrieving database schema/tables

  • When you connect to the database, you can select the schema in the upper left corner, and see a list of tables, views, procedures, triggers and more. You can also search directly for these elements. Merely double-click a table name to view table information in the right-hand object panel.

4. Convenient Object Information Panel and Search Function

  • You can compare several table information using panels and view Data, Structure, Index, Relation, Trigger, Info, and Scripts. You can also use the search function to find and filter only the specific data you want to view!

5. Running multiple SQL queries

  • Run multiple queries at the same time and view all the results instantly without having to switch between panels. You can view the Run result panels side-by-side or stacked, making comparisons more convenient.

6. SQL AutoComplete

  • Fast, automatic table/column/view information and query completion enhances database productivity and makes writing SQL easier!

7. Auto-Commit Option settings and Code Review Capabilities

  • Auto-Commit mode is simple to turn on and off! View a list of uncommitted transactions by clicking on the corresponding button at the top to enable code review.

8. Run Import / Export and view Export list

  • The top icon provides a simple import/export function. Click the bottom Export Files icon to see a list of downloaded files.

9. Copy SQL History and Syntax

  • When you click the right SQL History button, you can view the history of queries run! Press the Copy button to copy, re-run, or share the syntax.

10. Edit directly in the data grid

  • You can add, delete, and copy data easily right in the data grid.

Only the Beta version of QueryPie is currently available. We hope to absorb any feedback we receive to improve its capabilities as we head towards the full release. Please feel free to send us suggestions, error reports, or just comments to enhance our product at our Support Center (https://support.querypie.com/hc).

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