QueryPie Development #10: Ready for the Closed Beta!

Over the past six years, I’ve used Sequel Pro as a database tool for MySQL when using my Mac. Sequel Pro is an open-source MySQL database tool that provides fast execution speed, intuitive UI/UX, and key capabilities for developers compared to commercial solutions such as DataGrip, Navicat, and DBVisualizer.

However, the recent Sequel Pro upgrade for macOS Mojave has proved inconvenient because of the fatal bugs that lead to crashes and the slow and troublesome SQL auto-complete function. But I continued using it because there were no better alternatives available for macOS.

Thankfully there is no reason to suffer through Sequel Pro anymore. The first version of QueryPie has been developed diligently over the past 4 months with all the passion and effort of the QueryPie Team. Yay!🙌

“Wow! I don’t need to use Sequel Pro anymore!”

The first version of QueryPie works on Windows and Mac. It’s a Database IDE that supports MySQL, MariaDB, and AWS Aurora MySQL, which includes much more robust features than Sequel Pro.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the beta version of QueryPie.

1. Easy-to-share Database Connection information

QueryPie WebApp DB Connection Profile
“What’s the database access information for the test, again?”
“Hey guys! I want to see the data myself. Can you give me the database access information?”

If you’ve ever worked with a database with a team, you’ve probably heard these kinds of questions countless times. How did you manage all the database access information in your company? Did you worry that after sharing the access information, another user would accidentally or purposely delete tables and data?

QueryPie allows users to quickly and securely share database access information with team members through the QueryPie WebApp. It also proactively prevents deletion and manipulation of data by offering a hierarchy of privileges that limits database access per user.

QueryPie WebApp Authority and Privilege Control

The privileged database connection information from QueryPie WebApp is displayed in the QueryPie Shared Connection list without exposing account information, making it easier and safer to share database access.

QueryPie Shared Connection List

2. Convenient, Powerful Multi-SQL Execution and Auto-Complete Features

QueryPie Auto-Complete and Multi-SQL Execution

The two most inconvenient factors about using Sequel Pro, for me, were that I couldn’t run multiple SQLs at the same time. And the SQL auto-complete was incredibly slow.

In my opinion, these two factors were a key feature of using a Database IDE. The whole point of auto-complete was to save time, so for it to be so slow was crippling. And it was just unproductive to write SQLs separately, run them one by one, then check the results one by one. It was not easy to memorize all those tables and columns.

QueryPie can run dozens of SQLs simultaneously and place them side by side to compare the results at a glance. Also, the direct implementation of the ANTLR-based SQL Parser provides automatic table/column information completion one step faster than the user, further enhancing database productivity.

3. Multi-Object Information Panels for at-a-glance table information

QueryPie Multi-Object Information Panel

When writing SQL, everyday habits include checking columns, indexes, relationships, and data in the table. QueryPie places an object information panel on the right to view two tables at once. Users can also use the space efficiently by implementing it to fold and open as needed.

QueryPie can also export SQL Query results to CSV, Excel, and JSON. It offers a choice to selectively export tables and table data, or import large SQL files in a streaming fashion.

4. Auto Commit Enable / Disable Support

Sequel Pro has no Auto Commit Enable/Disable feature, so I had to be very careful when operating large amounts of data. There would be no way to rollback if it ran incorrectly. QueryPie provides the Auto-Commit Enable / Disable feature for safer database operations and provides an uncommitted transaction list when Auto-Commit is disabled to view non-Committed DMLs intuitively.

QueryPie UnCommitted Transaction List

Although QueryPie’s first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a Database IDE for developers, shortly, we aim to offer blockchain-security auditing to drive a secure database platform in an integrated environment. The following step will incorporate analytics and visualization capabilities to grow into an integrated data solution that can be used by every member of all enterprises.

By the end of 2019, we plan to offer a Standard plan free of charge, so all functions are available. So sign up for the QueryPie Closed Beta version now!

📌 QueryPie Closed Beta Application (Click Here)

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