Introducing a new data governance solution

QueryPie App debuted two years ago to provide a better data experience for developers by providing a simple and intuitive SQL editor. Looking ahead, we're taking a more focused approach for data teams to work much more securely with enhanced data access and privacy controls. As a result, we are launching a new data governance solution that streamlines data access management.

What is QueryPie for?

Let us assume you join a new company as a data analyst. You may start by requesting access to the data platforms of your organization. The entire process can be performed within an hour or could take a few days, depending on how well the company manages its data sources. However, the growing amount of data stored by companies has made it more challenging to manage and utilize data. Data analysts require access to each data source; developers struggle to understand who creates the data when used, and compliance managers must implement security policies across the platform regularly.

Data teams are often frustrated by a lack of visibility and control over their data. QueryPie solves this problem by integrating scattered data sources and security policies into a unified solution, resulting in simplified, advanced data governance in your organization.

How QueryPie works?

QueryPie is built on modern cloud technology to run on any platform and seamlessly integrate with existing data environments via cloud deployment. To make data access easier, administrators can leverage identity providers such as Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, and Okta. Data can be accessed using the native SQL editor in QueryPie or any third-party analytics tool without changing existing workflows.

Key Features

(1) Access Control: Administrators can grant access permissions with role-based access control, allowing them the ability to manage users and their scattered data more effectively and efficiently. QueryPie supports multiple data sources, including RDBMS, Data Warehouse, and NoSQL.

(2) SQL Audit Logs: Administrators can quickly view SQL query logs and database access logs to generate compliance reports, including all user activities and changing privilege type histories in one place.

(3) Data Masking: Administrators can apply masking patterns to personal data in real-time without erasing the original. Masking patterns can be applied to sensitive data instantly, ensuring real-time data protection.

(4) SQL Editor: A web-based SQL Editor enables analysts to access and analyze data while following strict security policies quickly. Features such as auto-complete and multi-query execution are available. Users can use other BI or SQL tools to access data through proxy connections.

Compliance-ready solution built for your needs

Customers, from cloud providers to financial services, appreciate the unified data access governance. The QueryPie data governance solution enables organizations to prepare for compliance frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. If you are interested in learning more about QueryPie's data governance solution, please contact us for further details!