Our customers always have front-row seats
to data security
From startups to enterprises, QueryPie helps data teams build secure data environments. Leaders in the industry embrace data governance while taking advantage of existing data infrastructures.
Featured Customer
Yanolja, the world's leading cloud PMS, sets the new standard for data governance with QueryPie
Yanolja employs QueryPie to reduce repetitive approvals and transform privacy practices.
Key Results
  • 80% improvement in DevOps Productivity
  • 65% reduction in managed User Roles
  • Compliance with security standards including PCI-DSS, ISMS and PIPA
Featured Customer
The fastest-growing IT companies are cloud-native, and we are proud to secure their valuable data assets and contribute to their success
querypie customers
querypie customers
querypie customers
querypie customers
querypie customers
querypie customers
querypie customers
Customer Success Stories
“We needed a data access governance solution that reduces repetitive approvals and improves privacy. Even within our existing data environments, managing data assets has become significantly easier. Our data productivity has doubled.”

Head of Database Engineering

“QueryPie protects our data without requiring us to install agents on endpoints, allowing us to upgrade and maintain our system efficiently. Now our data team can quickly connect to the data and analyze it more securely.”

DevOps Manager,

“QueryPie gives us full transparency into our data assets, allowing us to identify who owns and uses data, where it goes, and how it's used. It really simplifies our data workflow.”

Head of Database Engineering,
Danggeun Market

“QueryPie is our preferred data governance solution for cloud environments. Easy upgrades and maintenance allow our team to manage multiple data sources across organizations in half the time.”

Data Engineering Manager,
Kakao Enterprise

“With NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and DynamoDB, and relational databases support, we can handle data across multiple regions with high performance. We needed a cloud-enabled data governance solution and QueryPie met our needs without a hitch.”

HealingPaper(Gangnam Unni)

“With the help of QueryPie, we have been able to maximize our customer service by streamlining data access control. We don't have to ask permission and apply security policies to every data source anymore.”


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