Protect data governance for your company

From data masking and encrypted connection to granular access permission, QueryPie makes your data secure by design.

Data protection compliance

Our team has served over 2000 enterprises that require security compliances like ISO 27001. These include large banks and government organizations.
QueryPie complies with GDPR and CCPA.

Encrypted connections and data masking

Connections are encrypted using SSL and SSH tunneling to/from databases and QueryPie servers. Data masking is applied to columns with any sensitive user data.

Secure sign-ins and role-based access control

QueryPie allows users to set high-level account verification for every log-in using SAML SSO or two-factor authentication. The data access becomes transparent with role-based access controls and database audit.

Designed for data security

Role-based access control

Data audit logs

SAML SSO & 2 factor authentication

Data masking

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