SQL Sharing Made Easy

A complete data analytics tool for your marketing and data teams with query sharing, data visualization using Python / R, and role-based access control


Share queries with your teammates

Share queries and manage all data sources in a single workspace. There's no need to disclose connection info or copy queries one by one. Just invite your team with a single click and collaborate on the same platform.


Secure datawork for enterprise

Control and monitor what users can do with enterprise-level security. Limit user access to data with role based access control features. Monitor what, when, and by whom certain actions take place. We protect your data every step of the way.

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Multi-query, multi-result interface

Intuitive UI speeds up query search and execution, and allows simultaneous views of multiple query results.



Instant auto-complete helps you write your queries faster.

Simple Collaboration Steps

Invite your teammates in a single click and work together on a single platform. Share database connections and queries with your team.

1. Connect

Connect to your datasource

2. Invite

Invite your teammate

3. Share

Share your queries and results together!

Supported Data Sources

Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA

Is your favorite data source missing?[Let us know!]

Features You'll Love

Inline-Data Edit

SQL History

SSL & SSH Tunneling

Multi-Query and Grid

Data Import/Export

Powerful Object Search

Intuitive UI&UX

Share Dashboards

Make Various Charts

Quick data Creation/ Modification/Deletion