Cloud Data
Protection Platform

Put your business on the fast track to success without changing the existing data environment.

QueryPie is a Cloud Data Protection Platform to manage scattered data source and security policies all in one place. Enabling secure databases, servers, and SaaS applications.

Why QueryPie?

Features optimized for cloud environments can help you build a more secure security system.

Automated Discovery

Automatically find, identify and secure sensitive data across distributed databases & applications

Cloud Centric

Auto-tracking the lifecycle of data sources in the cloud and detect security threats via cloud API integrations.

Integrated IAM & SIEM

Increase data accessibility and security. and decease the data breach possibilities via IAM and SIEM

QueryPie Solutions

Effortlessly manage and safeguard access to your databases and systems with QueryPie,
ensuring only authorized users have the privilege to query sensitive data. Rest easy knowing that QueryPie also ensures compliance with industry regulations, helping you meet data privacy and security standards with confidence.

Platform Integrations

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