“Join us with a dynamic upside and work in a culture that rewards performance over pedigree, values creative problem-solving, and encourages open communication."

Chief Executive Officer

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Our mission is to build innovative data governance solutions that safeguard company interests and open up opportunities for businesses - it is the core of everything we do and what motivates us.
Come and bring your next legacy to life at QueryPie.

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The perks of working with us

Flexible remote

You can choose your own office and remote work is possible.

Unlimited PTO

Taking unlimited paid day-offs with no approval, and there are no restrictions on the number of day-offs as long as it does not affect work progress.

Flexible hours

We operate a flexible work hours that allows crew members to choose their preferred working hours in order to enhance efficient work engagement.
(5 days/week, 40hrs/week)

Refresh & Club day

The third Friday of each month is paid vacation.
Club activities are also possible on that day.

Medical insurance

Covered medical expenses are supported for the crew, spouse, children, and parents of the crew and spouse.
We also support health checkups for crews every year.

Professional Education

We provide funding for on/off-line training related to work to facilitate our crew members growth.