We believe data can be
a business game-changer.

QueryPie allows businesses to secure and streamline data access from anywhere. We created a new way to govern your data while maintaining scalability and integrity.

QueryPie Inc.

Established in 2016 in Silicon Valley, USA, QueryPie Inc. is developing and distributing the B2B SaaS solution 'QueryPie'. Launched in 2020, QueryPie is a data governance solution supporting enterprises in reducing costs and increasing revenue in cloud environments by providing development infrastructure, data access control, and integrated DB management.

Our Investors

Total Funding Amount: $28M (as of 2024)
Last Funding Type: Strategic Investment Round in JAPAN 2024

Our Journey

We built QueryPie to give data teams better tools to communicate, collaborate, and analyze data. With compliance laws getting stricter, QueryPie has evolved into a data governance solution to help companies stay compliant and thrive in a changing world.


•  Founded


•  Funding from Kakao Investment
•  Development started QueryPie SQL Client


•  Launched QueryPie SQL Client
•  Participated in TechCrunch SF 2019
•  Won LG Startup Competition 2019


•  Funding from Y-Combinator
•  Pivoted to Data Protection Platform
•  Delivered QueryPie to Yanolja, KakaoPay, Dunamu


•  Fundraised $17.75M in Preferred Seed Round


•  Secured $5.81M funding by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund


•  Strategic Investment from Salesforce Ventures, Z Venture Capital, and Shinhan Venture Investment
•  Launched QueryPie Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
•  Changed the company name from CHEQUER Inc. to QueryPie Inc. 

The values that drive everything we do

We are a team of highly professional and dedicated people who share the same mission.


I consider the impact of my work on colleagues, products, and customers. To work continuously, contemplating what the core of the product is and whether my tasks align with it and the organizational objectives.


Security is based on 'trust' for all members involved. The information required for work is shared exclusively within the organization. If internal information is exposed to the outside, all members share joint responsibility.


We ensure that there is no curiosity about the progress of work among each other. To work autonomously, one must have a thorough understanding of all the necessary information and context related to the task.


Fast execution and quick failures are the shortcut to success.We adapt to change, create new value, and grow based on the lessons learned from failures.


Every choice and decision comes with responsibility. Let us not forget the fact that along with autonomy, there comes a significant sense of responsibility in matters such as commuting, working hours, vacation, and corporate card usage.


Harmony between vertical and horizontal communication.Fast decision-making and execution vertically,proactive communication and harmonious relationships with team members horizontally!

Our Offices

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, USA
3003 North 1st Street, Suite 221, San Jose, CA 95134

Seoul, South Korea

9F, Boneunsa-ro 114, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
(415) 348 - 5513  /  business@chequer.io

R&D Center
7F, 26, Magokjungang 1-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

Tokyo, Japan

15F, Toranomon Hills Business Tower
1 Chome-17-1 Toranomon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-6490