QueryPie SAC
System Access Controller

QueryPie SAC is a cloud instance protection solution designed for platforms like AWS' EC2. With SAC, administrators can monitor the commands executed by users and replay their sessions.

5 Key Features of SAC


With server group and tag filtering functionality, we can centrally operate permissions and policies, efficiently managing servers.

Segmented Access
Control Policy

Operate and manage policies based on factors such as IP, time, day of the week, restricted commands, server accounts, and more, when accessing the system.

System Audit Log
& Session Replay

Recording all user system logins and executed commands, and providing session monitoring and session replay functionality.

Web Terminal

Providing a terminal that allows SSH access to servers directly from a web browser, without a separate SSH or FTP client installation.

SSH Connection

We offer the same user experience by allowing users to establish their SSH server connections just as before, with minor adjustments.

How QueryPie SAC Works

QueryPie seamlessly integrates into existing network environments.
Administrators can integrate with identity providers such as Azure AD, OneLogin, and Okta to manage user lifecycles for system access. Users can access authorized servers using QueryPie’s internally developed Web Terminal and/or third-party clients depending on their preferences.

Easy Installation, Easy Use

QueryPie is built on modern cloud technologies, allowing easy installation and usage across various OS independently.

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