About Us
We believe
data can be a
We believe data can be a business game-changer
QueryPie lets enterprises secure and streamline data access from anywhere. We invented a new way to govern your data with scalability and integrity.
What we do
As cloud natives, we deliver cutting-edge technologies for today's engineers.
Managing data has always been cumbersome. That's why we are focusing on simplifying data work processes.
Speed is crucial for every business. We listen to and act on customer feedback as fast as we can.
Our Journey
Thriving in a data-driven world with
global customers and investors
QueryPie is built on the idea that data teams should have better tools to communicate,
collaborate, and analyze data. With the rise of data compliance requirements, QueryPie has
evolved as a data governance solution enabling companies to satisfy the strictest privacy laws
and flourish in an ever-changing world.
Funding from Kakao Investment
Designed QueryPie App Prototype
Launched QueryPie App
Participated in TechCrunch SF 2019
Won LG Startup Competition 2019
Funding from Y-Combinator
Delivered QueryPie to Global O2O, Cloud Provider, Financial enterprises
Participated in StartupGrind,
selected as Top 3 Accelerate Startup
Our Investors
Chequer Investors Kakao
Chequer Investors Y-Combinator
Our Team
Right Mix of DNA
and Experience
Right Mix of DNA and Experience
We are a team of highly professional and dedicated people who share the same mission.

Our mission is to build innovative data governance solutions that safeguard company interest and opens up opportunities for companies of all sizes - it is the spine of everything we do and what motivates everyone.

QueryPie is our brainchild that aims to make data better and safer.
We are waiting for you!
Join us in shaping the future of
data governance
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