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Standard Plan  
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Basic features for effective SQL data work

per month
  • Unlimited SQL Execution sessions
  • Save Database sessions
  • Able to use up to 20 Editor tabs
  • Robust object filtering and object information panel
  • Track up to 3,000 previous queries SQL History
  • Auto-Complete Editor
  • Quick Data creation, modification and deletion
  • Import/Export Data

Pro Plan

  • RDBMS Datasource Module (MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/HanaDB)
  • Data Warehouse Datasource Module (Snowflake/BigQuery/Redshift)
  • Unlimited SQL Execution Module
  • SQL Notebook Module
  • Session Auto Save Module
  • SQL Concurrent Execution Module
  • SSL & SSH Tunneling Module
  • RDBMS Object Browser Module
  • Data Warehouse Object Browser Module
  • SQL History Module
  • Code Review & Auto Commit Control Module
  • SQL Auto-Complete Module
  • Data Import/Export Module
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support other databases besides MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL?
We plan to gradually increase the number of DBMSs we support. Please check here for a list of currently supported DBMSs.
How can I report some errors or give some suggestions?
Please leave your feedback a the Customer Support Center and we will reply to you as soon as possible.