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March 18, 2024

B2B 10 years + B2C 10 years, and alpha(α)…

At the time when the millennial generation began, I started my career in B2B development.

Hello, this is Sam. My first development experience started in a business that builds IT systems for companies operating in various industries such as finance, public, and education. It involved building various systems that meet the business objectives of corporate clients.

And meeting Kakao...!

Meeting the so-called 'neighborhood hyung(brother)' JK, my career takes a turn. The story he told about the scale and technology of portal search was truly a new world. The spark of challenge ignited in my heart, which had built a B2B-centered career.

Portal search is a distributed system that handles large amounts of data and traffic. It consists of numerous systems, including search engines, and as a service used by everyone, the importance of 'performance' and 'stability' goes without saying.

Especially in portal search, the key is to deeply analyze and identify the fundamental cause when problems occur, even if it takes a long time, and to solve the problem in a fundamental way. And this is the solution and the key to progress.

The endless voyage of building a search cloud

We have developed a 'search cloud' that can automatically create and operate search services in order to respond to the search needs of various services within the portal. In this process, we had to consider productivity in both the 'development' and 'operation' aspects. It is necessary to ensure performance that can handle large-scale data and traffic, while also being able to create services in places where there is a need for search, even if one does not know much about search.

In order for the service to transition to a cloud environment, a thorough understanding of containers is required. This includes understanding the internal structure of containers, understanding the virtual network on which containers operate, and understanding orchestration for placing and managing containers on various distributed nodes in the cloud.

Based on this, we carefully examine the performance that can be guaranteed compared to existing physical servers, whether there are any stability issues, and what constraints there are. Following the transition to a cloud environment, projects are carried out to build authentication systems, deployment pipelines, log collection, monitoring, alarm systems, and other ecosystem components to adapt to the changed environment.

Alpha(α) again, back to B2B … (joining the QueryPie)

I have joined the QueryPie team, breathing together with colleagues who have been developing portal search services and building search clouds for 10 years. As I learned about the news of Brant (founder & CEO of QueryPie) and QueryPie team joining Y-Combinator, and the process of overcoming various business and technical challenges, I became fascinated with this team.

Cloud expansion continues in the infrastructure of prominent companies both domestically and internationally, and there is an increasing trend of adopting various data sources including NoSQL, in addition to traditional RDBs like Oracle and MySQL.

In the current business environment where cloud and diverse data sources are being widely used, "security" plays a central role that encompasses all these areas. Well-established "security" is like a symphony that is completed only when skilled insights from security experts who understand the latest cloud technologies and various experts in cloud, data, network, AI, etc. come together.

After joining the QueryPie team, I felt even more that it was a really good decision, because I get to work with numerous crew members who possess not only outstanding capabilities but also human charm and skills. The excitement of starting a new voyage in a place where such experts are gathered seems even more special.

All the members who have been with me are diligently learning the know-how of existing members with the mindset of "I just need to do well," and we are also making efforts to share our knowledge and experience.

As one united QueryPie team, we have taken the first step towards leaping to "another level" technologically by refining our ranks.

The small spark from the past, where I wanted to draw a line in the access control solution for B2B, is now approaching with tremendous firepower.

QueryPy Tech Talk: A Collection of Top-tier Engineers' Know-how

QueryPie has experts in various fields such as data, security, networking, cloud, search, AI, etc. (It doesn't seem easy to gather them like this.) It is a great opportunity to peek into the on-site know-how of top-tier engineers in the industry, so we ask for your interest and support for the upcoming Tech Talks.

We have invited two authors to decorate the beginning of [QueryPie Tech Talk]. They have been working closely with me in the field of search for 10 years. The first member, Andrew, led the 'Search Service Part' in the search organization with an impressive 20 years of search development experience, and currently serves as the leader of QueryPie Core Team and Cloud Platform Team. The second one, Bruce, was the leader of the 'Search Spam Part' that filters spam based on AI from vast data in portal search, and currently serves as the leader of QueryPie Backend Team.

"We will unravel a rich collection of technical stories in [QueryPie Tech Talk] with two talented technical writers who have solid skills." 

by Sam