QueryPie's Security Solution: Adapting to the Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

March 18, 2024

QueryPie Expands Research and Development Areas with New System Access Control Solutions

Hello, this is Andrew, in charge of the Core/Cloud Platform team at CHEQUER Inc. I started my career at a B2B search solution company and have been researching and developing search engine indexing file systems and distributed systems for about 10 years. In the Kakao search team, I have been leading various projects for over 10 years, such as the enhancement of large-scale search data systems and AI-based image search, video recommendation search, and the transition of search services to SaaS.

Recently, I joined CHEQUER Inc. and now have the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities in the field of "system access control solutions." I hope that my accumulated experience and knowledge can contribute to realizing QueryPie's vision.

From my perspective, I will start my first contribution by looking at the current situation of QueryPie and the future of CHEQUER Inc. 

Introducing a Revolutionary System Access Control Solution: Boosting User Productivity while Enhancing Enterprise Security

In today's information security environment, system access control has become a 'necessity' rather than an option. As the leader of the CHEQUER Core team, I am introducing advanced proxy technology to solve key challenges in the current situation and widely promote the importance of this technology.

'Proxy technology' plays a central role in efficiently controlling the security of database and server systems. By analyzing the network protocols through proxy servers and conducting in-depth reviews that reflect the needs of clients, access can be controlled in a sophisticated manner.

For example, in the case of a database, the protocol is analyzed to extract queries. Then, the extracted queries are parsed to identify tables and fields. This technology enables detailed access control.

This detailed access control technology not only contributes to raising the level of data protection, but also effectively protects the system from unnecessary or risky access.

One of the advantages of our proxy technology is that it is perfectly compatible with the existing tools used by clients. Users can continue to use their existing tools without inconvenience and experience enhanced security without additional learning. This acts as an important factor in strengthening the internal security system by effectively implementing the enterprise's security environment without disrupting users' daily work. 

"Crisis as an Opportunity!”
QueryPie's Security Solution: Adapting to the Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

The corporate environment is rapidly changing with the transition to various data storage platforms such as cloud and open source, demanding new and advanced security approaches. We seize the changing modern environment as an opportunity and strive for continuous innovation and challenges, not settling for the traditional access control market of relational databases (RDB).

A clear example is the CNCF cloud native landscape, which showcases various databases and services. It is a good reference for predicting the future of cloud environments.

QueryPie has already started supporting the latest NoSQL databases and SaaS services such as MongoDB, Redis, BigQuery, and Snowflake, actively adapting to changes. This is a key element in meeting the security requirements of cloud-based systems and open-source solutions.

QueryPie aims to enhance the security of enterprises by expanding security into new technological areas based on the success in the existing market, while also supporting them to maintain a competitive advantage. Through this, we will firmly establish ourselves as a leading player in the security solution field within the constantly changing technological environment.

The transition of QueryPie to SaaS, expansion into the global market, and constant challenges

QueryPie, the flagship product of CHEQUER Inc., presents a new paradigm in system access control and management. Based on a deep understanding of the cloud, we are now transitioning QueryPie to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to further enhance its potential.

The transition to the SaaS model has several advantages, one of which is the ability to expand into the global market. We can provide cloud-based services to customers worldwide without physical constraints and integrate quickly with various cloud security SaaS services. In other words, it enables high accessibility and collaboration.

By collaborating with diverse customers worldwide, expanding the product range, and continuously innovating to meet the demands of various markets, we will strengthen Chequer's position in the global market. Through this strategic transition, we plan to develop QueryPie into a world-class SaaS service.

QueryPie will take its place at the core of the best security solutions that innovate the existing data access control methods and meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Please keep an eye on QueryPie's relentless progress.

by Andrew Jung

Core/Cloud Platform Team Lead